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Web Project Pricing

Are you not sure how much a website should cost? Have you seen alot of cheap offers for website design but you think you need some thing else? Do you want to use the web effectively and send a message that you are here to stay in a professional way, serious way and elegant way?

First of all, if you want a cheap website design, you can search Google. There are many guys who would charge you less than SR 4,500 and sometimes a lot less, not a budget I can work with but if you are running on a limited budget they worth a look.

Possible Scenarios

All prices below are in Saudi Riyal (SR). All Levels below have all the benefits of modern website design.

  • 4,500


    You need a simple and cheap website. The purpose of the website is to be there when someone asks you about your company website. Any ready made design would be fine with your company logo on it. You have about 5 pages of content and you would like me to just add them for you in the website. You might need to add few additional pages within a few months.
  • 12,000


    You don't want to spend a lot on design, any ready made design would be fine with your company logo on it. You can require some customization and tweaking. You have about 10 pages of content and you would like me to add them for you. But you also want me to show you how to add these content with some support while you learn how to do it.
  • 30,000


    You have your brand. But you want me to build a great and unique website around the brand. Therefor, the design is very Important for you. You have about 15 pages of content ready to be added in the website. After the website is done, you would like me to show you how to edit/add pages. You can require some functionality. 
  • 48,000


    You want me to create an excellent website as well as involvement of content design. It's not just that. You also need to create private areas in your website for your clients/employees with different permissions where they can do stuff. You are also not sure how to use the web effectively to develop your business, so you need help with content design and creation. It is very Important for you to drive traffic from search engines to your website to find your products and offerings.
  • 60,000


    You want me to take full responsibility of building your website. You want me to help you to look at the web from business development prospective and how to utilize it to benefit your organization. You want an excellent website and you want to drive traffic from search engines. You have an idea about web application to enhance & develop interactions inside and outside. You need all my services.