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Journal place, time and life

A break out of the loop (a worm hole this time)

Mission was to break out of the loop to the stars but we ended up in a Worm hole instead! We loved it though. How do you break out of your routine in the weekends?

Making coffee using a moka pot

Moka pots are essentially percolators meant for making espresso. As such, they are normally fitted with metal filters inside the pot that are capable of filtering some sediment, but not oils or Diterpenes (such as Cafestol). Diterpenes have been implicated in cholesterol increases associated with unfiltered coffee, but may also have cancer- and parkinson's-fighting properties.

Teleported some where else

This is a photo manipulation. I have tried to get a very extraordinary picture of stars from my camera and I was not successful up to what I really want to see, so i have decided to use the help of Photoshop. Following is the original image with some pictures .

A break out of the loop

I was travelling on a road far away from city where light pollution is slightly affecting the atmosphere. It was after midnight and it was absolutely dark. The only light out was coming from the few cars travelling on the road. I parked my car on the side and I stepped out, I couldn't even see my bare hands in front of me. It was a very unique experience, the silence, the loneliness, the view of stars and the wind. It felt like a break out of the ordinary.