launching the new website of the operator of new Arabic gTLD (موقع.)

I had the pleasure to work for Suhub Electronic Inc. where my mission was to reproduce the website with new design to reflect the company vision for Arabic domain through the website in a modern and easy way. The website provides news about the the activity and information for those who are interested to become Accredited Registrars.

It is worth mentioning that the company director Abdullah Al-Barrak had appeared in an interview with Al-Jazeera after the company gifted the domain ( الجزيرة.موقع ) to the popular news channel in middle east where he expressed the importance of the Arabic Domain for Internet users in the Arab world and other regions.

The new Arabic domain name is intended to serve users of the Arabic alphabet from Morocco to India, and inevitably reach web navigators living in an area inhabited by 800 million persons occupying a large chunk of our planet. Though studies show that only 200 million of them have access to the Internet, and that a meager 10% of them speak English fluently, the use of the Arabic letter in the new Arabic domain name may soar up the number of web users, promote business opportunities, and above all, enhance the marketing aspect of companies by protecting their domain names and proprietary rights in their trademarks and trade names.