My new website has been launched

After announcing the beginning of work on my new website about 2 months ago, I started working on a new idea to put some light on my activity with more details and new style. I have also used the advantage of typography, optimization for both search engines and speed and many other benefits.

I was truly thrilled to see that the changes I made have been reflected on a much better ranking in Google search results just 3 days after launch. This is a good sign of good optimization and following best practices in website optimization.

I have also applied one of the content design methods which is the Awareness Ladder by simply creating a new section called services to contain 3 services (these are web design, content design & web application development) to work as backdoors for potential clients to enter from as well as for the sake of better organizing my offerings & content. With more focus on web design page, you can see that I have addressed solutions to problems by explaining benefits.

I take this opportunity to invite you to browse my new website and explore the potentials of working together.