Work begins on my new website

Today I have started working on my new website which will feature latest trends in web design. I mention one of these features an efficient adapting capability to viewing the environment & size of different devices. I will also apply many concepts of content design for a better user experience in browsing & understanding the website and hopefully attract the potential clients.

If you have ever had experience where you was involved in a website development & design project, you must already know that a website is more than just graphics and programming. There could be marketing and philosophy to work on if the purpose is to attract new people or connect with the people who already loyal to you. Or perhaps there could be a functionality you need to implement to enhance operations by developing a web application.

To reconcile between all what you have as input from what is supposed to be ambitious vision (your business) derived by the enthusiasm that feeds from the honesty of the purpose, and respond with output ? Perhaps that is what I understand as information architecture to deliver good for both sides.

The purpose of any website design should be around all of that. Therefore the word design means a lot of things.